The design of the crimping jaws should consider :

- Composition of your cable

- Copper or aluminium cross section

- Your cable geometry (Round, Rectangular or Square)

- From connector use

Step 1 Set up a connector type

We can help you along this step :

- By directing you to the most appropriate connector, according to the different standards.

- By offering a design specific to your needs pods (see page 18)

Step 2  Design and material selection

AMR set a specific geometry of the crimping tools thanks to a computer program taking part in the elements mentioned above, to ensure the optimum mechanical and electrical resistance values.


AMR achieves the integration according to your specification

- Integration of production line

- Congestion of unit 

- Perimeter crimping

- Arm length for deployment

- Mobile or fixed unit

- Smoke extraction system


Certifies your filter unit according to your application to :

    - Protecting people against the fumes produced during crimping.

    - Process gases and fumes to protect the environment.

    - Avoid clogging and extend the life of your equipment

The protection of persons 

    - Technical features

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